Wednesday 21 October 2009

Space Marine List (2000 pts)

So after checking I had the right models (I believe in WYSIWYG) this is the list I plan to have finished by the end of the year. Hopefully then I can start gaming with it and make tweaks as by then I also plan to have a Auto-Cannon dread in the works as well as some custom SternGuard and VanGuard veterans. I will put a 1500/1750 point list up soon so I can cover any requirements when I finally get down to GW Bromley.

At the moment I am unsure of what to do with Vulcan, the Librarian+terminators will be hammering into an opponents line via the LandRaider which will also deal with any infantry with its flamestorm cannons. The pred gives me some roving firepower as the scouts + combat squaded tactical 3 (plasma cannon) secure my back field. I just don't know what to do with him.

Tactical Squad 1&2 as well as the other combat squad (flamer) will follow behind the LandRaider in their Rhino's to exploit the gap and secure objectives. The Landspeeder and Attack Bike will be tank hunting and moving around the flanks.



HQLibrarian (100)190

Epistolary (50)

Terminator Armour

Storm Shield (40)

TroopTactical Squad 1 x9 (170)250

Sgt with Power fist (25)

Melta (5)

Multi-Melta (0)

Rhino - extra armour (50)

TroopTactical Squad 2 x9 (170)245

Sgt with Power fist (25)

Flamer (0)

Multi-Melta (0)

Rhino - extra armour (50)

TroopTactical Squad 3 x9 (170)250

Sgt with Power fist (25)

Flamer (0)

Plasma Cannon (5)

Rhino - extra armour (50)

TroopScouts x9214

Sniper Rifles

Tellion (50)

Missile Launcher (10)

Camo Cloaks (27)

EliteTerminator Assault Squad x5 (200)200

Thunder Hammers x 3

Lightning Claws x2

HeavyLand Raider Redeemer (240)250

Multi Melta (10)

Heavy Predadtor85

Auto Cannon (60)

Heavy Bolters (25)

Fast AttackAttack Bike (40)50

Multi Melta (10)

Fast AttackLand Speeder (50)70

Heavy Flamer (20)

Multi Melta (0)



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