Wednesday 29 July 2009

Good god why!!

I read this and had to check it was not some twisted hoax but no the literary equivalent of having your testicales beaten with a rock is now to become an MMO. Joy of Joys!

Now I know women the world over as well as my Girlfriend and her housemates will be squealing at the idea of seeing more of Edward Cullen on the internet and can interact with him (I shudder to think what some women want that interaction to be) but god I read a few passages and it is awful stuff! It seems a cross between some stupid Dawsons Creek teen problems and a soft core porno – it is definitely not the best things since sliced bread (that would be actually bread which I assume they invented just before slicing it)

Makes me hope they rush out a Harry Potter MMO quick to beat this one because if this becomes the second most popular Western MMO after Warcraft I am going to have to go get that rock!


UPDATE: Apparently it is not an MMO (sigh of relief) but the concept of a Twilight game is being worked on by a student of game design from Florida and BrainJunk Studios who are all vounteers.

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