Wednesday 29 July 2009

Painting Log

I have decided to start a log of my painting; I will be concentrating on my Space Marines and hope to get 1500-2000 points done by the end of the year.

N – Not assembled
A – Assembled
U – Undercoated
B – Basecoated
P – Painted

Captain B
Chaplain P

Command Squad B

Tactical Squad x10 P
Rhino A

Tactical Squad x10 U
Rhino A

Tactical Squad x10 A
Rhino A

Scout Squad x 6 U

Dreadnought A

Assault Terminators N

Land Raider B

Land Speeder Tornado U

Attack Bike B

Predator N

As you can see i still have a way to go with my next task getting everything assembled and undercoated, then working on getting them painted up. I may add in an extra squad of marines for a bit more flexiblity.

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