Wednesday 22 July 2009

Sam Raimi To Helm World Of Warcraft Movie

Up until now it has been something we all just expected to be made but now it's official - a World of Warcraft movie is in development with Sam Raimi brought in to direct, I recently saw “drag me to hell” and enjoyed it immensely and Spiderman was a definite success to me.

Certainly good news as most game to film adaptations have been awful – cheap films trying to sell themselves on franchises such as Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Resident Evil and anything by Uwe Boll. Max Payne was an exception as while not very good it at least was an attempt to make something of a popular franchise without it being cheap and tacky.

A rumoured 100+ million dollar budget and a quality director gives the project real weight, this is not an on the cheap cash in where only B list actors with no shame can be persuaded to come on board – I expect to see some big hitters involved in a similar vein to having Ian Mckellen, John Rhys Davies and Christopher Lee involved with Lord of the Rings.

Along with a massive fan base from all the Warcraft games (not just WoW) and aggressive marketing from both Legendary Pictures and Activision Blizzard means expectations of success will be high. Of course there is the chance of epic fail but I don’t see that happening – both studios will see the chance of ongoing films based in the universe and other Blizzard games – how cool would films be based on Diablo, Starcraft, Lost Vikings (ok the story might be a bit thin but still come on!)

Combined with the Halo and Gears of War films on the horizon I have high hopes they will herald a new beginning for films based upon video games

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