Wednesday 15 July 2009

What I am playing at the moment

Right now

Empire Total War (pc) - I am campaigning towards the end of a campaign as Britain, with America/India and the trade lanes under my control and only the Polish/Russian alliance now opposes me with France/Spain/Prussia/Sweden being ground into the dust of history. Thankfully it has been bug free but quite a few people have suffered major issues. It has been enjoyable but the AI does seem quite stupid at times.

Lord of the Rings online (pc) – I have a level 20 captain on the Eldar server, I have recently joined a nice kinship and am finishing quests around Bree and the Barrow downs. I really like how they have introduced an interesting storyline to run alongside both the books/films while you are levelling.

Fallout 3 (pc) – I bought this reduced along with the extra expansions, brilliant so far around the capital wastelands and hours of enjoyment. What more can I say.

Lined up

Call of Duty: World at War (xbox)
Prototype (xbox)
Sins of a Solar Empire (pc)
Dead Space (pc)

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